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Welcome to Toddler's Morning Out, Inc. The primary purpose of Toddler's Morning Out (TMO) is to provide toddlers with the opportunity to develop social interactions in a group setting. TMO is committed to providing a nurturing, safe, play-based environment, arranged to stimulate physical, social, and emotional growth. Children are assisted in communicating their needs both verbally and nonverbally. Children and their families are cared for and about. TMO works cooperatively with families to produce such an environment.

TMO recognizes and respects that children are part of families that have diverse values and backgrounds. TMO is committed to supporting the choices of families. TMO does not promote any particular religious belief but supports the right of each family to have its own beliefs. TMO welcomes children from all family structures.

TMO recognizes that, for many families, this is the first experience that children will have away from home. TMO is committed to making this experience pleasant for the entire family. Our helping parent program facilitates this transition and helps maintain a connection between you and your child's experience. Each parent is required to sign up for 6 -10 days throughout the school year to spend the morning with us and provide snack for the group of 12 children. Each child will be given the emotional support necessary for making the transition into a group setting. Communication is of great importance to TMO. There will always be someone available to handle questions or concerns.

2014 TMO's Summer Program - Find out more info about our new program.

40 N. College St.
Hanover, NH  03755

T.M.O. does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability

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